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    Adobe Premiere Elements 12 can install but it cannot run after reboot!




      I have already banged my head trying to install this premiere elements 12 however it did install but it can never fire up.  I did the install with various combinations, with/without antivirus/antimalware on, with/without Photoshop Elements/Elements Organizer.  The Windows 7 is 64 bit and the downloaded software is 64 bit as well.  Which part that I miss?


      A little bit of history.  The software was purchase back in Dec 2013 and installed a few weeks later.  It all works fine until the computer ran out of space.  For temporary solution I removed unnecessary files that finally I removed Premiere Elements to make space for harddrive replacement.  I backed it up using windows 7 back up, replaced the existing drive with bigger SSD drive and restored.  Once restored everything is fine until I found that I cannot install Premiere Elements 12 at all.


      I look forward to your assistance.