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    Best solution for creating a brochure that compares different data sets/features?


      I would like to know the best solution for creating a brochure that compares different data sets of around 72 different schools.


      I need to extract data from a database (it is not necessary to push back data into the database from InDesign).

      The brochure compares around 15 sets of data such as; school name, address, overview, year established, number of students etc.


      The current brochure can be seen here: https://eqi.com.au/pdfs/school-profiles/school-profile-handbook.pdf

      Pages 14 to 36 are a good example of the consistent layout of each page so readers can compare each school.

      This was produced 'old-school' copy and pasting the text into InDesign. I have previously used Indata to populate an InDesign doc with styled content at the click of a button but wonder if it is the best solution for this project considering the large amount of text in the overview and the bullet points on the lower half of the page.

      Does anyone know of a more suitable solution to my requirements, or shall I stick with Indata an alternative to this plug in such as EasyCatalog?