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    inappropriate background behaviour


      Lightroom seems to have the habit of doing unexpected stuff in the background.

      Prime example is related to the set of images selected by a filter.

      By default the set is all the images known to Lightroom, 40000+ on my PC.

      Even when not using the interface Lightroom is actively reading my disk, some 10-15 reads per second and will continue doing this for ever, it seems, but I have never had the patience to wait.

      What is the program doing? and yes it is a problem as memory usage is going up all the time.

      If I set the selection filter to say a 100 images the reading soon stops, which suggests some background task is collecting information on my selected images.

      This may be useful or necessary for the small set I am working on but NOT for the whole set of images on my disk.

      There is a related issue with the Map module.

      If again I happen by mistake to open the map while I have the default full set selected the Map appears to start scanning ALL my images for location data.

      This is a disaster as once started it cannot be stopped and I end up aborting lightroom.

      TIP NEVER open the map module with more than 100 images selected or you will be there for ever waiting for control to come back to you.

      Seems to me Adobe need to introduce a validation step that checks the number of images selected before a process is started that may take an inappropriate time to complete.

      Anyone else having these problems?

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          I see 2 options.


          1) Hide the Map module until you want to use it. Right click on the top bar and uncheck the Map module.

          2) Stop Geo tagging your images with GPS coordinates.

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            gp7024 Level 1

            Humm, thank you, you seem to be saying don't use the map feature.

            Not really a solution, your 1) is what I actually do, I don't go to the map unless I'm actually tagging photos.

            2) not helpful as what is the point of having such features if they not usable or cause problems.

            I find the map useful but get irritated when I fall foul of this particular problem.


            My main reason for posting is the generic problem of the software doing stuff in the background that I do not expect, do not want and cannot control.

            Its about me the user having control over what the software does on MY computer.