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    Max inking with Indesign objects


      Hy !!!
      Someone t he a track for the next problem
      I have to generate pdf (PDFX1a-2001) with a maximum of 300% ink (Indesign and CC +, and AcrobatPro10 +)
      For visual, no worries, they are treated from the iso_coated_v2_300% and imported into my pages.
      By cons I encounter difficulties with objects from InDesign.
      Indeed, taking two examples
      • eg1: an object shape with a background color and transparency. This block is placed over a visual transparency.
      • ex.2: several "InDesign objects" are laid out in overlapping (with transparency and overprinting - ex quantre circles: cyan, yellow, and maenta noir50)
      With "preview separations" I get areas with inking that can approach 320/350% ink, above 300%
      I tried different setups involving profiles and I can not find the way to get pdf, or even simulate this maxi inking with InDesign objects
      I have a script in Acrobat but it is a spare wheel.
      Thank you for the welcome that my miseries will receive from you.

      Hoping to have been clear.