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    Adobe Elements installation


      Could Adobe Elements be installed onto a Tablet running in Windows?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements isn't designed to be used to be used on a tablet, but it wouldn't hurt to download the free trial and give it a try.


          Just not that, with the exception maybe of Microsoft Surface tablets, most tablets don't have nearly the power of a desktop or laptop, and video editing with Premiere Elements uses a tremendous amount of computer power. Also video files are usually about a gigabyte in size for every five minutes of video -- which can eat up your storage space very quickly!


          Personally, I'd recommend one of the many editors designed for use on a mobile device.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            What Adobe Elements (Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements)? What is the Windows operating system of the tablet?


            I have a HP Stream 7 tablet which uses a Window 8.1 32 bit operating system.


            In spite of the computer resources on that basic tablet, I was able to download and install Premiere Elements 13 to it successfully and go through basic video editing operations with it. The hard drive space is 32 GB and, when all is said and done, maybe 14 to 20 GB free space. It does have a memory card slot  32 GB capacity as I recall. And, 1 GB of installed RAM.


            Except for some very basic video editing work, I am not going to get too far with that unless i get more computer resources. (It is not going to make a difference to all this, but I am still trying to figure out how to upgrade its Windows 8.1 32 bit to Windows 10 under the computer resource circumstances.)


            But, depending on the specifications of your tablet and its computer resources, something for your to explore with the tryout version if you do not already have the product. By the way, you point to Adobe Elements in your question. Are you asking about Photoshop Elements or Premiere Elements. You never said and no one asked. Since your thread got posted in the Adobe Premiere Elements Forum, it seems your question is being interpreted as being a Premiere Elements question.



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              VchslvBkmn Level 1

              Thank you for your response.

              By no writing the type of the software I have meant the both types and not wanted to get each Forum: photoshop and premiere.

              I suppose the both software require about the same hardware resources depending on the concrete task. Therefore the single response

              will be sufficient.