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    Anchoring images to graphic cells

    matthew stuart Level 2

      I have to create a complex catalogue, and surrounding a majority of the info on each page is a brushed metallic frame with rounded corners. Basically I'm trying to create a table of four cells and and have a quarter of the frame in each cell. It works to a degree, but what I need to do is resize this brushed metal frame to different sizes and proportions (without distorting the image to avoid having thicker top and bottom in comparison to the sides). When I click on the table frame or cell edge and resize it, the image doesn't resize or move to retain its position on the right hand side of cells or the bottom of the cells. I'm having to manually reposition the image to align the cells again.


      Is there a way of anchoring an image to the right and or bottom of a graphic table cell so that when it's resized, the image repositions itself automatically to how I want it set?


      I have also tried creating a box with a gradient swatch applied to the frame only and then added bevel and emboss, and inner shadow with noise etc to the frame, to create something that resembles a metallic frame, but it doesn't look like brushed metal which is part of this client's branding, so if the above isn't achievable, can I in someway apply a brushed metal image to the frame and avoid it affecting the fill of the box?