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    Rollback to Acrobat Reader for Forms Submission [Android]

    mlstechwriter71 Level 1

      Is there anyway to remove Acrobat DC Reader for mobile, and restore the previous working Adobe Reader on Android?

      Or does anyone have a work-around to make it easy to submit forms?


      The current incarnation doesn't allow for email attachments to be sent via a Submit Button, nor files to Print via a Button, or even Save via a Button.

      The process to just Save a PDF is a little convoluted, and almost none of our field workers "get it", hence the need for easy Button access.


      I'm taking heat daily about "When is this going to work?", and retraining an entire work force on how to submit PDFs via email is counter-productive, when this is a simple function that should be working.

      Adobe DC is a complete fail for anyone using it form submission, and I'm incredibly disappointed that Adobe hasn't gotten this fixed yet.