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    Hand tool stuck


      While working in InDesign, the hand tool gets stuck and it won't let go unless I quit the software(s). Even when I move from inDesign to Illustrator or Photoshop, still selected and cannot get any other tool. The only way to get rid of it is by Quitting all Adobe Softwares, sometimes I have to restart computer.

      if i am really, really patient sometimes is released, but this is after 20 min or so...


      I changed keyboards thinking it could be the space bar, also spoke with Adobe help and reset all my presets, nothing has worked.


      I got Mac Pro 4 months ago, every since then I cannot work without these interruptions. what is going on? Help please!

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          I have the same problem with my MacMini running Yosemite OS (native, not upgraded). Tech support helped me reset my preferences yesterday, but now I am having problems again.

          I need to work over the weekend and ADOBE is not available for tech support. Please help!