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    Digital ID and Security


      I set a digital ID to secure a PDF form, misunderstanding what this would do for security. Then I was no longer allowed to change the security on my own form. I attempted to remove the ID and was successful but now I am kicked out of the PDF form and can not even open it. Please help!

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          Abhishamster Level 4

          May I know what is the error message you are getting when trying to open PDF file?

          Also which application you are using ?


          Would you like to share the problematic file?

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            IsakTen Level 4

            Do I understand correctly that you set certificate encryption on your PDF form using a digital ID that you created in Acrobat? If so then as long as this digital ID is present in your Digital IDs and Identities Acrobat should open your PDF without problems. It seems that the digital ID you used to secure PDF got somehow removed from your Digital IDs and Identities (which is possible only if you performed some action, like moving the digital ID file to another location or deleted it).

            Which Acrobat/Reader version (including minor you're using)? Which platform (Mac/Windows), which OS/Version (SP on Windows)?