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    Problem Sending connection keys using Groupwise 7.0

      I just got a new machine and they had Groupwise 7.0 on it. (I was using Groupwise 6.5). I do not use CPS, just Contribute and have far too many roles and users (but that's besides the point, sort of). I had no problems with GW6.5, but when I try to send out a connection key with GW 7.0, I get prompted for my Novell Profile (no problem) and then I see the dialogue box for sending a connection key flash and I hear a bing. Then nothing happens. When I wait and then end the task, I get a prompt saying that Contribute is waiting for a response from me, but I cannot for the life of me find a dialogue box asking anything. I have tried everything - alt tab, minimizing, moving boxes etc. (Although I cannot move the sending key box, it by that point is not an active window.)

      Any suggestions or help. It's a pain in the behind to not be able to send out my keys this way. I can of course save a key, and then send it, but I'd rather do it properly). Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

      Kelly Marney