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    Importing Map Files into a Project


      The programmers at my job create map files, and when map files are sent to me, they're sent in a format that includes hex values (e.g.: 0x1177E). I've noticed map files that were imported in other help projects have this format:

      #define ID_Size 1001

      Out of curiousity, do map files have to be in the above format before importing them into a help project, or can RoboHelp perform a conversion to the above format once map files are imported?

      Since I receive map files from programmers, do they need to convert the map files to the above format before sending them to me?

      I found something in the Knowledge Base Guided Search on this, but I want to know if anyone knows of a new process that may be in the latest version (X5) of RoboHelp.


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          I don't know about X5, but the compiler doesn't care if the numbers are hex or decimal. You can use either in your map file. I always use decimal because that is what my debugging tools (RoboHelp's BugHunter and Help Workshop) report, but the help will still work if the numbers are in hex.

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            Hi John,

            Thanks for your response. These are a few map IDs/map numbers and how they appear in one of the map files given to me by a programmer:

            HID_SELECTION 0x10005
            HID_SNAPS_CANCEL 0x10006
            HID_TOOLBARS_PRINT 0x10007
            HID_T_FITTING_MANIFOLD 0x11AB2

            I wonder, according to what's stated in the Help for RoboHelp, if the map ID should appear like this before I import the map file into a project:

            #define HID_SELECTION 0x10005
            #define HID_SELECTION 65541

            Does the "#define" have to be in front of the map ID and map number before the import takes place?

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              Hi Felicia,

              Yes, you need the "#define" in the header file, but you can use either the hex or the decimal format. As long as they are the same number, of course, as they are in your example.