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    Draw My signature in Acrobat IX


      Hi all, I have been through the forums & seen this question or variants of it asked in several guises, but no real answer to the question, which is. Is there the Draw my signature or equivalent in Acrobat IX? I have the digital thing mastered & have been using this for years, but what I need now is that one form I designed needs to be signed by an engineer & customer.


      I have created the form & everything is fine with fields inputs etc., but what I want is for field engineers to use the form on the road with a touch screen tablet, so I need a field (Box) in which the customer can free sign And it will be saved to the document by the engineer, this way they can email it straight to the office complete with signatures.


      I have looked on the forum, but have not managed to find an answer, so apologies in advance if I've missed it, but any help would be really appreciated.


      Best wishes & thanks in advance.