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    Bought and installed Adobe Creative Cloud but I only get the trial version.


      I bought the €60/month pack. Installed Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign, but it started in a trial version. (Thought this was normal for the first day as long as my payment would get accepted) Now I only have a few days left and I am still in the trial mode. When clicking on the CC icon, next to PS, AI en ID there is a BUY NOW button? When clicking on these my Abobe account says I already bought them. And yes I already bought them, but why am I still in a trial version?... I already received an invoice with the amount I payed, so normally I would have the right to use the applications.


      Additional information:

      Bought it with VISA and installed it on a Macbook PRO.

      Restarted several times, but no improvements, still trial version.


      Anyone else has this problem?