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    Unable to Locate .MTS files -- LR can not see them

    southwestform Level 1

      I imported a folder of .MTS files and images, the images were duplicates so I deleted them from the folder in the OS, and later changed the name of the folder on the OS, and attempted to Locate the .MTS files to point them to the newly named folder. However, using the Locate option, I am unable to select the .AVCHD file located in the Private folder to re connect them. It is greyed out and there is no way to do it. I search for the individual file names that are displayed as missing and they do not show up because they are somehow embedded in the .AVCHD file. I can still play back the missing videos if I double click on the .AVCHD file via the folder in the OS.  I even tried deleting the whole folder from the drive and recopying it with the original folder name and when I try to reimport them they do not display in LR because I think it thinks it is already in the catalog?


      What can I do?