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    How to restore  lightroom backup (the instructions on adobe site seem to be wrong or not no apply to the latest version)

    nutmix5 Level 1

      So Lightroom lost my last 6 months of work for no reason. Nothing I can do about that.


      I have some backups which lightroom made when exiting (it always asks me when I close light room).  Unfortunately, I rarely do this as I dont often have a spare backup drive with me, and whats the point of doing a backup on the same drive right?


      Anyway, I tried to find instructions but they all say "navigate to the backup directory and copy the lrcat file ...." etc.  The issue is lightroom, at least the current version, doesn't produce lrcat files, it produces zip files.


      So what do I do with these?  And how do I check if the backup has any of my lost work, without overwriting my current catalog which has "lost" much, but not all, of the work from the last 6 months?


      I.e. how do I restore the backup in such way as to not lose or overwrite my main catalog?


      Thanks for any help.