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    lightroom "lost" all data from last 6 months with no error message.

    nutmix5 Level 1

      I have been using lightroom for many years.  I fired it up today, and around 1/4 of my data is "gone".  By gone, I mean the folders have disappeared from the left menu, as have the hundreds of hours of work in the collections they were in have also gone, its as if lighroom has gone back in time by 6 months. I have probably lost work done on 10,000 photos.


      There has been no error message, no indication of any problem.


      I have only ever had one catalog, as I have found different catalogs are too hard to manage.


      Windows 8.1, W530 thinkpad with Crucial M550 SSD, 32 GB ram etc.


      Luckily, I have the raw photos backed up, but I have lost hundreds of hours of work which I will never have time or be able to get back.


      As lightroom continuously updates the DB, I can understand losing say the last few edits if the machine crashes or there is a bug, but going back i time by 6 months?    My machine has never crashed, nor been switched off without shutting down first.


      What on earth has happened?

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It’s impossible to say what has happened, but let’s be sure of the current situation:


          If the raw photos are gone except for a backup of them elsewhere then you’ve actually manually deleted them in LR with a command of some sort and chosen to remove the file from disk and not just remove the settings from the LR database.


          If the LR folders aren’t in LR but the folders are still on the disk and the photos are in the folders on disk, then it seems like a catalog issue.


          LR does continue doing things in the background for a few seconds after the UI goes away so it’s possible if the machine was shut off at the wrong time or put to sleep by shutting the lid then not reawakened but cold-booted, instead.  SSDs do fail so perhaps a bad error happened in a crucial area of the catalog.


          Assuming it’s just a catalog issue, do you mean you’ve never answered Yes to LR’s question to do a backup at Exit?  If you have then you could merely open one of those backups and only redo what’s newer than the last backup.  You would want to copy the backup .lrcat file to another folder so as not to overwrite the actual backup in case there is something wrong.  Also make sure you’re not accidentally opening a backup file that’s 6 months old.


          If you have no backups, do you have Auto Write XMP Metadata turned on in Preferences?  If so then whenever you try to Import the lost photos, the initial settings would be whatever they were the last time XMP data was written.

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            I was looking for an explanation because I have 'lost' my photos as well and came across this Post.   However, after reading ssprengel comment about a catalog I went to the 'file' in lightroom, opened 'open recent' and found 3 catalogues (which I had no idea that I had).  When I opened (which involves relaunching) and checked the 3 catlogues, I found my missing 10,000 photos in one of the catogues.   Huge relief.  I am posting this if someone else, who isn't lightroom savy has a similar challenge.