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    File corruption issues InDesign CC 2015


      I have never been convinced the Adobe CC products are better than the tried and true CS ones they replaced. More convenient, perhaps...but I have never experienced so many bugs and other issues since moving to CC. However, InDesign is the worst. In the past month, I have had three InDesign files fail to open because of corruption issues. I'm afraid I don't remember the exact problem in all three, but the most recent one gave me a message of a "corrupted frame". The dialog box gave me the option of discarding the corrupted "frames" and I was able to open the file, but all my typesetting was gone. Thankfully, I have cloud backup of all my files and I was able to restore a slightly earlier version which seemed fine. But this is highly annoying. Other weird issues I have with InDesign are: the program routinely crashes when I am trying to save a new document. I'd say this happens once or twice a week (this also happens with Photoshop and Illustrator CC, too, but they aren't as bad). Another issue is that a lot of times my linked images don't display with high quality, even though I have selected "high quality" in the display settings. Relinking the image doesn't help, but if I edit it and save, then it appears correct.


      I never had any issues like these with the old CS versions. CC 2015 seems to be the worst. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


      Windows 8.1

      Adobe CC 2015