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    How to change the text in ONE title?


      Hi, Everyone!


      I just encountered the weirdest issue and can't find any information about this. I want to have a separate set of titles in my video... but can't. If I change one - the other changes too.


      To give you more details - I'm making a video that will contain a counter in the corner so at first I want a "0" there, then when something happens, this will change to a "1" and so on. So I add a new title/text with a "0" in it, then I copy/paste it as a separate title, change it to a "1" and the previous title also changes to "1". If I change it back to "0", the second title changes also to "0" and so on. I'm unable to have two independent titles although it clearly shows two separate "blocks" and I even renamed them differently so it looks like these should be separate titles, but they're somehow connected for some reason.


      So my question is - how do I separate them in a way that will allow me to show one text for a few seconds and then another text without edits on one text affecting the other?


      I'm using Premiere Elements 11 on Windows 8.1.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Get rid of the copy/paste route.


          This is a known situation. You are trying to work with titles with the same name and changing one title and changing the other titles derived from it at the same time.


          The answer has been - Expert workspace....

          1. Create the title in the Titler. Close the Titler. The title will automatically be placed on the Timeline at the position of the Timeline marker.

          2. Open Project Assets, right click the thumbnail for the title that you just created. Select and click on Duplicate.

          3. Drag the Duplicate to the Timeline. Double click the title there to open the Titler and create your second title.

          4. And, so on.


          Please consider and then let us know if that worked for you. If not, please give more details.





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            VarHyid Level 1

            Thanks a lot, that worked!


            BTW, I'm always using the "Expert" mode. I just didn't realize that the titles adds these blocks as project assets and that copy/pasting will pretty much copy the same asset instead of generating a new one. It's a bit weird solution IMO, but whatever, I'm glad that it works and I can quickly just duplicate multiple "title assets" from there and then edit each

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the great news. Great job.


              Just an added note....you can save title created in the Titler or an edited title template (SeeTitles & Text Tab) so that it can be used in other Premiere Elements projects. The maneuver in Expert workspace to get that done includes

              a. create the title, close the Titler....

              b. go to Project Assets, and highlight/select the thumbnail for the title

              c. then go to File Menu/Export/Title and export that title as a .prtl file to the computer hard drive...that detour to the Project Assets to select the title's thumbnail activates the Title selection in File Menu/Export/Title.


              Best wishes



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                VarHyid Level 1

                Thanks for the tip, very useful as I may need these counters for multiple videos