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    hide video after playing


      The functionality I'm looking for is for a user to click a button, and my video, previously hidden, is shown and starts playing. When the video is over, I'd like to hide it. The code I currently have for the play button is:


      // insert code for mouse click here

      // Set a toggle to hide or show an element

      if (sym.$("vid").is(":visible")) {


      } else {




      // Set a toggle to play or pause a video track

      sym.$("vid")[0].currentTime = 0;          // always start video from beginning

      if (sym.$("vid")[0].paused) {


      } else {




      This does almost everything I want, except it leaves the video, now stopped at the last frame, still on the page. Can I set a timer of some sort to make it disappear? Or is there some obvious solution I'm missing? Thanks in advance!   matt