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    Planning to upgrade a five year old system

    mikeklar Level 1


      Would appreciate your expert opinions for upgrading a five year old desktop for ongoing video editing:


      Existing System:

      • CPU                     Intel x990
      • Memory               DDR3 24GB
      • RAID Card           Areca 8018 (with 8 HDs for a total of 12TB)
      • SSDs                   two
      • Mother Board      ASUS Rampage III Extreme
      • GPU                    GTX 970 (mistakenly acquired by impulse)
      • Monitor               NEC EA244UHD plus an old EIZO
      • Power Supply      Corsair AX1200
      • CPU Cooler          Noctua LGA2011 (note; system runs cool)
      • Tower                 Cooler Master
      • DVD & Blu-ray     Both are reader/burners (may get rid of one to add more SSDs)

         Planned Upgrades:  

      • Replace CPU with          Intel i7-5930K (can’t afford i7-5960x)

      • Replace Memory with    DDR4 Corsair CMK 32 GX 4M4A 2133 C13, for now
      • Replace Mother Board   ASUS Rampage V Extreme x99 Deluxe

         Reason for upgrade:  

      • Existing system runs fast enough, but quickly runs out of memory when Rendering or Transcoding

      • With Adobe’s latest CC software it often crashes during Rendering
      • Need more SATA connections, preferably 6/Gbs
      • Need Thunder Bold capability
      • Need more USB3 ports
      • 32 Bit PCIE
      • Need WiFi
      • Need better Bluetooth


      One more question – Anyone here know if my old ARECA 8018 will work with 32 bit PCIE?


      Your input is appreciated





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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          The motherboard supports M.2 PCIe x4 technology.  Get a Samsung SM951 to plug into that board for exceptional transfer speeds Also get a Samsung 850 Pro for your OS and applications (not all SSD's are great). I believe that your Areca should work.  That board is not advertised with Thunderbolt, only a Thunderbolt header???  Are you considering a third party board?  Do you really need Thunderbolt?  I have heard of many problems with the ASUS X99E-WS board that I have when trying to use Asus Thunderbolt cards.  I would try to avoid Thunderbolt until all the bugs are worked out.


          If you current system crashes with CC2015 it is not the fault of CC2015, I hear of very few complaints of PC's with  problems of crashing caused by Premiere.  I am running it very successfully on my laptop (even with 4K media) and in the X99 workstation that I have

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            mikeklar Level 1

            Thank you Bill

            I was hoping to hear from you

            good to get your thoughts about the ARECA card, I'm really not wanting to spend the funds for another, net yet anyway.

            Regarding Thunderbolt capability, it's primarily for future compatibility.  Also, if the USB 3.1 speed is indeed as advertised...

            The SSD is used for the OS and is a Samsung 850 EVO (500GB).  Had intended to use two 250GB Samsung 840 Pro in a RAID configuration, but the old ASUS bios gave me nightmares.  However, read speed exceeds 500 MB/s with the single SSD.

            Not sure I understand your recommendation of the Samsung SM951, are you suggesting using it for booting, or simply as a RAM Drive?

            The video which causes PR to crash was working ok before PR CC2015, however, there have been changes since then.  I must look into what may be causing the problem.

            Thanks again.




            Ps. minor correction to my existing system outline regarding the ARECA RAID configuration, there are eight HDs for a total of 16TB, and 14TB are usable.

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              Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

              No I would not suggest the SM951 for a boot drive it would be wasting the SM951's speed.  Just a standard SATA III SSD at ~500 MB/second is adequate for boot and applications.  I plan on using mine for the very demanding projects and exporting.  Are you aware of the our Premiere Pro BenchMark (PPBM) website?  You have to register to see the results page but just using the SM951 for the project files you can see my results in the third line.  I would bet that just a SM951 would be faster than your big RAID system.

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                mikeklar Level 1

                @Thanks for the feedback.

                It's on my list... Yes, I'm familiar with your PPBM site and just tried to log in, but couldn't.

                Below is are some of the results from 4 years ago, taken right after changing the CPU to a 990x




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                  mikeklar Level 1




                  As can be seen from the attached image I’ve used the old tower (see images above), cleaned off much of the dust that had accumulated over the past four years.  Installed ASUS’ x99-E WS/USB3.1 mother board with Intel’s i7-5930K and 64GB of G.Skill’s DDR4 2800.  Also replaced the existing NOCTUA NH14 with a Cooler Master V8, the latter may be changed back to the NOCTUA.


                  As shown earlier in this thread, this system replaced a x58 board with an Intel 990x Extreme processor. The existing video card is a MSI 970 and the card near the bottom is an ARECA 1880 8bit PCI card with eight HDs in a RAID 3 configuration.  There are two additional HDs plus two SSDs.  The one hanging near the bottom is temporary and shortly will be installed properly.


                  Initial tests, without tweaking, show this system to be an improvement of about 15% to 20% over the old setup when rendering. Where this system really shines is in the transfer speed using USB 3 ports, in comparison to the old setup it is more than three times faster. 


                  My intention, originally, was to install only 32GB of DDR4 RAM, but felt it wiser to get two sets dated the same month and thinking to use some of it as a swapping drive.  However, after performing several renderings with sequences of multiple clips including one that runs the duration which has sever stabilizing introduced, the amount of RAM used during the five minutes rendering reached slightly more than 50GB.  So, unless someone tells me what I’m doing wrong… no swapping drive here…


                  Installing the hardware was relatively uneventful, but of two stupid mistakes on my part, which made me aware on how clumsy the installation of Cooler Master’s V8 is, i.e. it’s very difficult to install this cooler with the mother board in the case.


                  Overclocking at this stage is still pending.  One issue that was easily resolved after contacting ASUS service, initially when activating XMP it rendered the system drive useless and required reverting to a previous system image.  ASUS advised the CMOS battery be removed for at least one minute, which did the trick!


                  Although I’ve not yet been able to get a stable overclocking setup as my initial attempts have been relatively brutal, just to see how far it’ll let me go, with the basic setup the system has been stable.  My biggest problem is getting to know the BIOS setup processes and in particular how to get the timing of the DDR4 adjusted.