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    Please help.  How do I create a DVD?

    michaeln71026572 Level 1

      I'm brand new at all adobe products and I need to create a DVD for a film festival.  It took me two hole days to figure out that I needed encore to create a DVD because dragging and dropping apparently gives me 4 bars around my video.  Maybe the 4 bars has nothing to do with it.  I'm not sure.  I just know that I need a DVD without 4 black bars around my video.  So I guess i'll start with the things that I've tried and have done so far. 


      My short film was created using adobe CC, the newest version.  Then I loaded up Encore and placed the m2v along with the wave file into the project by importing assets.  Now, I created a timeline.  However, there is a huge problem with the new timeline.  I do not see any video.  I do not see a preview.  Where have i gone wrong?  My preview picture is below along with some settings.  I hope there's someone that can help me.  PLEASE!  Thanks.


      Screenshot (130).png




      Screenshot (131).png


      Screenshot (132).png