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    Lightroom Import Source Devices doesn't show all images on card


      Upon importing images via Lightroom's Import Panel I've found that not all images on a camera card show up if "Source: Devices" is selected.


      My camera creates a new image folder (located within the DCIM folder) after 999 images have been taken by the camera. In this case specifically, images numbered _DSF0999.RAF and below are in folder 110_Fuji and everything above that (such as _DSF1000.RAF and above) is in folder 111_Fuji. However, Lightroom "Sources: Devices" (in this case "Untitled") doesn't show any images in the second image folder, 111–Fuji. Only images in 110_Fuji are visible.

      "Copy All Photos" is selected in the center portion of the import panel.


      The images do show up if you select the card (in this case labeled "Untitled") in the "Files" part of the import dialog on the left side of the import panel, and check the "Include Subfolders" box. There isn't a subfolders box or selection in the Devices section of the import panel, but rather an "Eject After Input" checkbox if the Device is selected.


      Is this normal operation, or is there a way for all the images on the card to be seen (and imported) via Sources: Devices? Again, there isn't anything like "include subfolders" via Sources: Devices, as there is in the "Files" part of the import panel. Is there something I'm missing, or is this a bug? I've looked through numerous books, googled this issue, etc and I haven't seen anything that addresses this issue. I usually just insert an SD card in a card reader and hit "import." The Lightroom import panel defaults to Sources:Devices.