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    Printing multiple pages melts flash

      I know what you're thinking, who in their right mind would want to print that many pages in one sitting, well, my users for one. I have been working on an web-based print app that involves some fairly intense user controlled scale adjustments, and I've got it all working pretty well, but... when I try to print out something in the region of 300+ pages I get furnished with a rather tastefully placed error message saying:

      "a script on this page is causing flash 9 to run slowly"

      "Oh, that old chestnut" I hear you say "just fix by using setTimeout", well I'd love to, however the problem is whenever you reset the timeout, it bins what is in the printJob. Grrrr, has anyone found a work around for this or is it just a problem we have to endure until the bods at flash fix it.