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    Am I right? My MacBookPro has no space on HD. I use Lightroom CC.


      I have bought a large external HD to copy all ".jpg and .CR2" files.

      All ".xmp, .dng, etc." files i want to keep on my MacPro HD. One evening I have done that. Checked if i can take ".jpg"  from external drive and open in my MacPro Lightroom CC. Made changes and saved it, in my Lightroom on Mac's HD. No problem.

      The next morning I had ".jpg and .dng" files back on my MacPro HD. WHY?

      External drive also had another set of ".jpg and .dng" files which is Okay, but why?

      If this is normal can I somehow force it to have it my way? If not how can I make more space on my Mac's HD?. My disc is 500MB which is not much when you work with pictures. Is there a different way to approach this issue?

      I will read all your advices. I thank you all in advance for your help.