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    acrobat won`t let me activate anymore after java update


      I have a pending case on support because my Acrobat won`t activate on my Subscription any more. I think i might have run a java update the same day I got my problem, but im a little unsure if it was the same day or not... could that be the problem? and if so, how do I fix it? I`ve had support by desktop takeover, but he just reinstalled Acrobat and then i lost the supportguy I was talking to since I had to reboot. Now they are taking it up with the senior team apperantly, but it is taking forever and I need to use the program for work...


      The orign problem was unable to validate a online activation (that had been working for 5 months without this suddenly poping up)


      Any clues??

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          This has very likely nothing to do with the Java update you've applied. Acrobat is not using Java. You've posted in the JavaScript forum - similar name, but completely different programming language. Acrobat does use JavaScript as a way to automate things in Acrobat. JavaScript however does not need to be updated by you, so again, this has nothing do do with the update you've installed.


          We don't know which version of Acrobat you are using and on what operating system, so here is a stab in the dark: Take a look at this old forum question, it has an answer by an Adobe employee which might solve your problem too. This would apply to Acrobat XI on Windows.


          Adobe Acrobat subscription validation error.