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    Scale to content and then reset global scale to 100%

    benl13565393 Level 1

      This may be a weird question. But I'm looking to first change the stage via Document Settings and then Scale To Content. I then would like to "reset" the global scale to 100%.


      For example, if my stage is 1024 x 1024. I then change the stage to 512 x 512 and Scale to Content. Everything scales with the stage.


      The way it does it is by applying scales to everything. However, I do not want this, as I'm using Actionscript to extract some images and positional info. What I need is a way to reset things so Flash thinks the stage is at "100% scale", and hence will have images which are now 50% of the original size as well as the other information like positions being actually 50%.


      In other words, I'm looking for a means to globally scale things either up or down, and then tell Flash that that is now the baseline ... so it will treat it as if I created the file at that newer stage and content size.


      Hope this makes sense.




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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I don't think it would be possible. An easy problem case would be movieclips, where the rescale could go down into the movieclip and resize vectors, to compensate for the scale change, but it's unlikely to end up looking exactly the same. Bitmaps would be an issue too, Flash would have to resample each bitmap, and replace the bitmapdata inside the bitmap. Text might be the hardest part, Flash would have to change the font size of the field, and hope that the text still flowed the same way.


          BTW, you can solve your ActionScript difficulty by placing the entire experience into a movieclip, the document class of the current FLA would become the Class script of that movieclip. All the coordinates would work out ok, but you could scale the new movieclip to any size, without the AS3 breaking.