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    Publish Online - Aug 11 version

    jhsca Level 1

      MANY thanks for the new version. It seems to have solved the image display problem on the Microsoft Edge browser. The images no longer wrap when the browser width is changed


      What other new features are included in this release?  I look forward to exploring later today



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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

          Hyperlinks are now working, more animations.

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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            In addition to what Wilhelm said, here are some more Publish Online features:


            * Support for spreads of more than two pages

            * Pages of different sizes are supported

            * Text hyperlinks are now supported, including URLs, emails, page destinations, TOC markers, index markers, cross-references

            * Image resolution now supports 96 ppi


            There are also bug fixes for:


            * Several hyperlink problems

            * Crashing when copying a table containing a graphic cell

            * Crashing on publishing a document with text containing both transparency and hyperlinks

            * Crashing on saving a document

            * Problems with images with some special characters in their name

            * Cmd/Ctrl + Z only changes on character