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    Missing xtras or playback setting wrong? Help appreciated


      I'm just getting started re-authoring a hybrid Mac/PC project from several years ago and for some reason I'm having a couple issues only on the Mac version.

      Firstly, The very first sprite of the movie an animated GIF is not showing up when I build a Mac projector. When I build a projector on the PC authoring side it appears in the projector fine. When I play the Mac version back from the Mac timeline I see it just fine. Am I possibly missing some xtra in the Mac projector required to play this sprite back? I really did not change anything when I opened the .dir source files to begin re-authoring and just can't figure why this sprite is not showing up in my Mac projector.

      Secondly, my Quicktme movies are now struggeling to playback and are quiet jercky. Again, this is only on the Mac version projector.

      Authoring w/Director 8.5 because this is what the original project was authored with.

      Any help or thoughts here greatly appreciated.