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    Error Code U44M1I216?


      So none of the other programs have issues connecting to the cloud, Except for Creative Cloud. I finally got the problem fixed with the Creative Cloud program, as it now connects to the server, instead of giving me the death spiral.... Now, I keep getting error code U44M1I216, it's not listed on adobe's website. Installing the CC Cleaner Tool is completely impractical as I'm working in a fast paced environment that requires these programs to be active and useable, not down for days while I reinstall EVERYTHING! Is there an easy fix for this error so that I don't have to completely reset my entire system, all my settings, all my workspaces, and reload ALL of the hard-time-spent-to-build scripts in order to fix it? I think Adobe is amazing, and well worth it, but I don't know if I can afford so much downtime to fix something that seems to me should be fixable without going through all that work to do....