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    Photos From Lightroom Mobile Do Not Sync to Lightroom Desktop

    stevehall62 Level 1

      I have an issue where photos from Lightroom Mobile on my iPhone will not appear on Lightroom Desktop. Let me lay it out:



      1. When "Sync with Lightroom mobile" is turned on in the Desktop application, the count of the number of photos syncing stays stuck at whatever number of photos I have in the Lightroom mobile app on my iPhone. In other words, photos from phone do not make it into the Desktop app.



      2. However, photos from desktop Lightroom do sync to the cloud and appear on Lightroom Mobile on my iPhone.



      3. Photos from iPhone Camera Roll (which are set to auto import into Lightroom Mobile) will not sync to Desktop and appear nowhere in Lightroom Desktop. But, these photos do upload into the cloud and are viewable from the Desktop app when selecting the "Lightroom Mobile Links" > "View on web" drop down from the folder under "From Lrmobile" where the images are supposed to be.



      4. I have deleted and reinstalled Lightroom Mobile on iPhone multiple times. Does not fix problem.



      5. I have done the "Delete All Data" thing under desktop Lightroom mobile preferences. Does not fix problem.



      6. There are three "devices" listed under the main Folder heading of Lightroom. Two say "Steve Hall," the name of my phone. I only have one Steve Hall iPhone. Under each Steve Hall heading, there is a folder called "Imported Photos." Next to it, it says "invalid path representation." Right clicking and selecting "remove" does nothing. Selecting "Show in Finder" does just that but there are no images in these folders, only a file called "info.lua"



      The third "device" is called "Other Lightroom mobile Device." Under that, there is a folder called Imported Photos. This folder has a question mark on it. Next to it, it says, "invalid path representation." If I right click and select "Show Parent Folder," I get this:



      "Database "/Users/stevehall/Pictures/Lightroom/Lightroom Catalog.lrcat": UNIQUE constraint failed: AgLibraryRootFolder.absolutePath

        Statement: INSERT INTO AgLibraryRootFolder( id_local, id_global, absolutePath, name, relativePathFromCatalog ) VALUES( ?, ?, ?, ?, ? );"



      Clearly something is screwed up in the desktop app that is not making the right connection to the cloud.



      Any suggestions as to how to fix?