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    Animate a line - going across frame and turning 90 degrees

    sophia125 Level 1



      I'd like to animate a line that comes from the top of the frame towards the bottom and halfway through, I want it to turn 90 degrees and continue from the left to the right side of the frame. A good example of this is here: Last Week Tonight - And now this compilation - YouTube


      My first attempt: made a shape layer, drew a line with the pen tool and added trim paths. I tried to add the effect by rotating it 90 degrees but the effect doesn't look convincingly fluid to me.


      I think the problem is that with the rotation, the front point of the line moves position but really, it should stay in the same position (let's say the center) and the rest of the line should rotate so to say.


      So second attempt: I tried to animate the shape path instead - that kind of works but I always end up accidentally changing the shape (thickness) of the line (if this is the way to get this effect working I'm sure I can fix that problem though). Also, it means that I have to animate the line's forward movement vs. just using trim path.


      What I'm wondering: is there a much simpler way of doing this? I want it to look convincing, i.e. have the line moving fluidly across the screen.




      I'm using CS6.