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    hand tool mystery with wacom tablet


      I am having an issue using the hand tool with my wacom tablet and haven't been able to figure out how to remedy.


      The issue :


      When I'm in the Develop module, if I press the spacebar key to invoke the hand tool and try to move around the image using my wacom pen, i can't. when i use the pen to drag the cursor, the image/screen will basically freeze (do nothing). if i wait, the image will eventually move. but i can't move fluidly around the image with the hand tool using the pen. the same function using my mouse works fine. so doesn't seem to be an issue with LR. and also, interestingly, if I go to the Navigator panel, i can drag around the image perfectly using the pen.


      i've dug around the forums here trying to figure out what wacom or windows (7) pen setting might be causing this, but have come up with nothing.    


      any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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          coSeed Level 1

          anyone? this is driving me crazy. can't use pen to navigate around images with hand tool. something i need to do quite frequently. which right now requires dropping the pen and switching to mouse which kills any kind of flow to working fast.

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            Trnquill Level 1

            I have the exact same issue and it's extremely annoying. I just can't move around the image at all with a pen. Zooming in and out sorta works, but it never zooms in where you want to and so on.


            To describe my issue: When hand tool is activated and I start dragging the pen on Wacom Intuos 3 table the hand icon does not change to "grabbing hand", picture moves maybe 5 pixels and then just gets stuck. If I now switch over to my mouse, click and drag, the hand icon "grabs" and picture moves very smoothly around.


            This never happened with Lightroom 3.6 but started immediately after upgrading to Lightroom CC 2015. I'm on Windows 7, latest Wacom drivers (the second to latest had the same issue).


            Any help?

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              Trnquill Level 1

              Hey, found a solution! Just disable the GPU acceleration and it works again.


              GPU acceleration has been a real pain for me overall. Everything was slow, jittery and lagging. As soon as I realized to turn it off things got back nearly to LR 3.6 speeds and the software is usable again. Aye!