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    Billboard planes and transparency problem

    VizFX76 Level 1
      I have a project for which I need to use textured planes (transparency included) to optimize memory usage. I need something similar with “Look at camera” controller or billboard command so my planes will rotate around Z (vertical) axis to follow the camera movement so I won`t see them from the edge. I`ve tried billboard behavior included in the free version of ChromeLib (soon I`ll get the full version because is an extraordinary asset) but it doesn`t work even with ”Oriented to current camera” checked.
      I`ve tried even another way, from my 3D editor. I`ve linked a dummy object to my camera, limited movement inheritance only to horizontal axis (x,y) and I`ve put a “Look at” controller to my planes to follow the dummy. In editor works fine but isn`t exported in W3D, even that I don`t have any warnings regarding this.
      Another problem is regarding transparency. Objects with alpha channels sometimes behave strange. From some positions you can see through some parts of them. I`ve tried the various types of texture render formats but no luck. Do you have any idea how can I fix this because is annoying.
      Best regards.
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          duckets Level 1
          You can have them face the camera absolutley, rather than rotating round a fixed vertical axis very simply, like this:

          cModel.transform.rotation = cam.transform.rotation

          (this assumes your model and camera are both children of the world root - if not you'll need to do a 'getWorldTransform()' on the camera and use it appropriately)

          If you want to limit the axis, just reset the other rotation values each frame, like this:

          cModel.transform.rotation = cam.transform.rotation
          cModel.transform.rotation.x = 90
          cModel.transform.rotation.y = 0

          (the above settings work for me with the default orientation of planes created in max. If your planes have a different pivot orientation, you'll have to adjust the '90' and '0' values until you can see your billboard objects.

          hope this helps!

          - Ben