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    i5 4200H for After Effects



      I'm buying a new laptop for video editing. Does any of you know if the Intel Core i5 4200H is any good? My camera shoots 4k video, so my processor must be able to edit 4k videos. Thanks in advance!

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          In a nutshell no, that processor only has two cores and four threads. I would recommend a more modern quad core i7 so that you can take advantage of hyper-threading to 8 cores. Minimum would really be something in the region of 4710, 4720 or the new 5700 (just make sure you get the quad not the dual core of the latter). There are higher clocked versions of the listed but they will set you back more buck for your bang.


          4K is going to push any laptop so you are going to have to get in the region of one of the above processors teamed with 24-32GB RAM, a GTX 965m minimum (ideally 970m for the performance vs price ratio), and a couple of SSD's to get the party started.


          Depending on your budget you are either looking at a custom build from somewhere like Xotic/Cyberpower/PC Specialist etc., depending on your location, or buying a gaming rig from one of the high street names and then swapping in the extra parts.


          EDIT: Revising my answer to say that if you are only going to be using After Effects then the GPU is not that important unless you plan on using ray tracing. If you are going to use Premiere then it plays a much more integral part through MPE.