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    Delicate Question




      In all, what I need, but cannot seem to find a way to, is mask a video according to an imported rotoscope's borders.

      So, i have an FLV file exported from FLASH, and it is a rotoscope, which i have intentionally created, in order to make it look differently.
      Next i have a MOV video file which i am intending to interact with the rotoscope. I need this rotoscope to punch a hole into the video, masking
      it, and allow me to display another MOV file which is in an underlying layer, this of course, through the rotoscope's delimitations.
      So far I have the alpha rotoscope isolated, but, don't know how to make the mask, I can re-rotoscope, automatically the initial file, but
      apply this edges to another file, i don't know how to.


      Tough stuff, thx for the answers anyway