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    Where are my Lightroom Files


      Hi, just got myself the Adobe CC plan. I have added several folders to Lightroom. Now I only save my photos on my external hard drive through my C drive. How can I check that my lightroom files along with modifications I have done are saved in my C drive for me to save?


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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Lightroom does not make changes to your original files. This would be very bad.


          Your edits are stored in the catalog as instructions to be applied later. When you want to see your edits outside of Lightroom, you export your edits as new files (JPG or TIF) and then use those files as you need to. When you are done with those files, you can optionally delete the exported files as you can export them again if you need them again.


          This explanation might help you rephrase you question.