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    Acrobat Reader Crash issue on Android



      I am using Acrobat reader version 15.2.0 build 120566 on Android 4.4.4 on Galaxy tab. I have a pdf where users enter data. It crashes at some point and users lose entered data. While the crash is being investigated by others, I am trying to find a way to force a manual save which is turning out to be difficult for these reasons -
      -- I know if we leave the app with the back button, it automatically saves the entered data.  This is not an option.

      -- This is sensitive data, so have to avoid any cloud solution completely.

      -- I know if I select the freehand tool, I get a save option. But, with this new update, I have to draw something (Like a Dot) before the save button is enabled. This is has been my only feasible option so far.

      --There is a cache setup for the acrobat reader. Our users don't have SD cards. Is there anyway we could get the pdf file after the crash from the internal secured storage?