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    How do I alter this Javascript code to make an exception for a read-only command?



      I posted a question earlier in another subforum and found this script that makes form fields read-only. Now I have a coding question specifically.

      First, here is the code:



      var r = app.alert("Are you ready to lock this document?",2,2);
      if (r == 4) { // 4 is Yes, 3 is No
      for (var i = 0; i < this.numFields; i++) {
      var fname = this.getNthFieldName(i);
      this.getField(fname).readonly = true; // makes all fields readonly



      On the bottom of my form, I have a button that allows a user to make the form read-only, but I also have other buttons such as "print." How do I alter the code above to make an exception to the read-only command for my buttons so that they're still functionable at the bottom of my form? I know nothing regarding Javascript so this is a foreign language to me.


      Any help is appreciated!