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    after opening LR, having plugt in a new bought external HDD from western digital, my book.....


      hello and thanks in advance for your time, hopfully some ideos or even a sollution to my problem here, regarding as followed (please excuse my english..).


      I bought a new external HDD, MyBook, 4Tb by westerndigital. I also habe a 2,5" external, 2Tb by WD, also some other brands. the MyBook was empty so far, as it was new.


      throughout the last 2-3 years I for various reasons imported my photos , stored then on different hard drives. (those mentioned). now I finally had the means to 'clean up' (--> bought one big one (MyBook 4Tb). but as I opened LR ((version 4)) while the new one was plugged in, suddenly a big list of imported folders (left column in grid view) were marked with a questionmark and, while actually living on different externals, shown to be supposed to on my new MyBook. It's impossible! and there is no data yet on this external!


      My suspicion - I have another external from the same brand, might LR mistake those 2 somehow!?!?

      how is it possible that my library suddenly gets messed up!?

      I guess I could 'go out' and 'find missing folder' but -meehhh!!!

      plus I think, LR won't really recognise my other external (by westerndigital) - my laptop does but LR doesn't , it won't be listed (other externals are when plugged-in / marked green).


      maybe someone has had such issues and / or any ides..  would be greatful!


      thanks and as always - good light!