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    Sync Settings not downloading. Windows 10 Pro.

    TDRonline Level 1

      I recently moved to a newer system after my older system crashed. Installed Windows 10 Professional and Adobe suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, Lightroom, Bridge, Media Encoder).


      I just now ran Photoshop and tried to sync my settings, unfortunately nothing happens. I click Download Settings. I see the progress bar start, but quick vanish.

      So I went into Edit > Pref > SyncSettings and clicked download settings. I see the connecting to creative cloud progress bar, and then the log says 1:00:02 PM: Download started. - And that is it... I can wait 15+ min or more and nothing happens.


      I do not have firewall turned on. This is happening to all Adobe applications that sync settings (Workspace).


      The Creative Cloud app itself is working fine and downloaded all my Fonts and Library.