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    Date type issue from ActionScript to Java


      I am testing FDS and trying to save some data including a Date field to MySQL database. When I select a date with DateField, for instance, 2006/08/08, it does show 2006/08/08 on the client. But the issue is that it becomes as 2008/08/07 in my java DAO, and the date inserted into the database is 2008/08/07 rather than 2008/08/08. There is a one day difference with date that I want to insert. The code in my java DAO is something like that:

      ps.setDate(4, new java.sql.Date(employee.getStartDate().getTime()));

      If I print the date with System.out.println(employee.getStartDate().toString()) before the code above, it shows 2008/08/07.
      I guess it maybe TimeZone and format issue. However, I didn't find any sample on this.

      Any idea on how to fix it.