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    page numbering and master pages InD 6


      I've used InD for few years but never needed to set up a book with chapters oddly enough. Work has been single page projects, program books, small magazines etc.


      I've scanned most all the Adobe help for setting up page masters etc. I've accomplished the master page basics. But not sure if I'm complicating the issue.


      I have a lengthy book, all text, black/white, several chapters with titles, standard sections like Fword, Preface, TOC, Index, Bibliography etc. I've set up the headers and folios which do function properly when I add pages to test them.


      Not knowing if this is best, I'm generating a master for each chapter, because when I added a master based on original master, I could not change the subsequent chapter title. Plus the folio position is represented by B which indicates to me that each chapter master would have it's own folio set rather than continuing from cover to cover as 1 through last page of book.


      I saw the section about parent/child masters but it did not indicate if folios continue through these masters or if folios start over with 1 for each new master.


      Question is how can I adjust masters B and beyond to continue the folios from original master into the next master B etc? Not reading as Master A pages 1-10, Master B pages 1-25 etc. Need Masters A and B combined to read pages 1-35.


      Perhaps I'm completely in wrong direction. The Help text is quite extensive causing fried brain after a while. Reading manuals gets really straining.


      Appreciate any suggestions...  thanks



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Not sure I followed all of your process, but you can create one master with things like the folios that remain the same for all masters, then make a series of other masters based on that one (you don't have to actually apply a master to document pages). You might also consider using a running header variable to fill in the chapter names, which might remove the need for multiple masters.


          As far as numbering, the master page does not control the number assigned. That's determined by the logical page number in the document, which in turn is determined by the section and numbering options, and book numbering options if you've added these files to a .indb Book project.