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    If  someone would be kind enough to give me a set of actions/steps to create text effects/animations such as fly in, fly out, bounce in, bounce out....

    noelb8402969 Level 2

      I am trying to create a website with Muse and I only have less than 24 days to finish it.

      On of the pages, I would like to be able to have 4 words/text that fade in and fade out, that do some other effect, one after another, followed by another word/phrase/text that fades in and stays put.

      I would like the words, text, or phrase to replace each other in the exact same location, centered over each other.

      And if it is possible, how to do this on a transparent background so that when I import it to Muse, if I can find out how to import it to Muse, it will allow the background of the page to be visible. ?

      If you would, could you please give me a list of actions/steps such as Go to the ________ menu, then go to _______, then _______, and so on to be able to do this. ?

      Also, what file type would I save it as so that I can import it into Muse?

      I was told by Adobe that if I use a Web Font in Edge that the text would be readable, selectable, in Muse. Is this correct?