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    Page Redirection

      I have a help system that links to another external help system. Both are compiled as *.chm files. I want to redirect a page from one *.chm file to the other *.chm file, but RoboHTML keeps opening up the second *.chm in the Internet Explorer browser window and not the hh.exe help viewer with the RoboHTML Window I created.

      I have tried many things including:

      <onLoad="window.open('main1.chm::/main.htm', 'WindowName')">

      <meta HTTP-EQUIV=REFRESH CONTENT='1; URL=main1.chm::/main.htm">

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          Pete Lees Level 2

          Here are a couple of redirect methods to try. There is a problem with the second method -- because of a bug in the HTML Help viewer, the icons on the toolbar buttons and TOC entries in the destination CHM file may be missing -- so it's definitely advisable to try the Related Topics method first.