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    Error During Save




      Designed a form having a SaveIt button, that save the form into a directory in drop box... var cPath = "/C/SharedDir/Dropbox/#TeBeAttached/PHQ9/";  Form itself is residing in a folder called: C:\ShiredDir\Dropbox\$$$Forms\$$DrForms... and in the preference of my both Reader and Acrobat Security (Enhanced) same directory has been defined "C:\ShiredDir\Dropbox\$$$Forms\$$DrForms"...

      This same form works on most of my desktop/lap top except one!  After filling the form "by reader or acrobat", form is saved where it is supposed to be saved but on this one laptop gives a dialog stating "Error During Save"  No matter if I execute the form on Reader or Acrobat I get the same error same dialog.  I don't know where to start looking... Debugger does not show either or gives a clue.  Any idea?



      Jeff P.