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    Camera Tool/ 3D view not working ?

    gregrock23 Level 1

      So I'm new to after effects, I'm trying to work with Trap Code's Particular,


      I have two solid layers- one is a background, the other is particular. (Both set to 3D)

      I also have one camera layer.

      I have active camera view on.


      However when I go to use the camera, to show my z axis, Two problems occur; Either I can't click on the entire composition window (get a bloop noise that apple is rejecting the action, even while the camera tool is being used. Or the second problem is that it's not in 3D at all!!! It seems no matter what I try, it can't be viewed in 3 dimensions, does anyone know how to both use the camera and have 3 dimensions to my object? Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 12.44.06 AM.png