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    Why do I have to keep rendering my project.


      Does Premier elements not hold that render in a file somehwre.... If I render it then make a few more edits and render it again it seems like its doing the whole project again. It was always not this way. Please hep I am using Ver 11

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What computer operating system for your Premiere Elements 11?


          "It was always not this way." And, in what version are you basing that claim which is not true for Premiere Elements.


          1. When you import a file into a project and the project preset matches the properties of the source media, you get no colored line over that Timeline content.


          2. But, every time you edit that video, you will get an orange line over its content. That is the program telling you that you are not getting the best possible preview of the playback of the file in the Edit area monitor. If you want the best possible preview, then you do Timeline rendering for that file...the orange line turns green at the end of that progress , indicating that you are now seeing the best possible preview.


          3. You do not have to do Timeline rendering. But it is your window of opportunity to catch a problem sooner than later. It is especially useful for titles, transitions, effects, and non native formats.


          As far back as Premiere Elements 4 probably earlier, there has been this situation. In earlier versions, a red colored line was used instead of orange to alert the user to the condition where the best possible preview was not being seen - Timeline rendering indicated.


          As for a hold for rendering, not so. And, many complain that, if they save close a project whose Timeline has been rendered, they will re-opened the project to find a "non rendered" look for much if not all of the Timeline content - what was last seen as green will now be presenting as orange. This is another story.


          What you seek does not exist. Curious to learn more about "It was always not this way.".





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            WilliamRhea Level 1

            A.T. thanks for you help. Really man thanks for the fast reply. What I did was an uninstall and re installed it and it seems to be working fine now..... I hope. I am running a monster machine windows 8.1 with an 500 GB SSD and 16gb of ram. It's an I7 quad core. Should have no problems with running this. Elements does everything I need and it was running fine till awhile back but I did know why it kept asking me to render and it would render everything each time.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Good morning.


              The Timeline Rendering has always been meant for previewing purposes, not fixing anything, but rather showing the best possible preview of what you have before you get beyond the Edit area. There is no way that I have found to stop the render color indicator intended or not intended behavior. Details in prior post.


              Uninstall and reinstall would not factor in here with the intent you described.


              But, every time you Timeline render the project generates preview files and automatically saves them to the location designated in preferences (Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disc and the Video Previews catagory. These preview files are found in a folder named Adobe Premiere Elements Preview Files.

              Watch out for pile ups of the preview files in that folder. Please also refer to the following for the details for the preview files generated...

              ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE 13/13.1: HD Timeline Rendered Files Format Changes


              Best wishes moving forward with your Premiere Elements workflows.