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    Lightroom 6.1.1 and Time Capsule external hard drive: Metadata can't be saved??


      Hi everyone,


      I am using Lightroom 6 and working on photos stored on an apple time capsule external drive. Although I have the photos stored as smart previews right now I am connected to the drive and also have access to the original photo. I can make simple adjustments to the photos just fine in the develop module. However, when I try to do something like merge to panorama, I get an error message that says metadata can't be saved as the files have "read only" access. I also can't save panoramas in Photoshop CC. I read on another thread how to access and change permissions on these files, but on both the lightroom folder itself as well as the original photos, the permission is set to "read and write." This problem has been driving me crazy. I would really rather not import all the photos onto my computer as I am working with a lot of photos, and would prefer to keep accessing them from the external drive for the time being. What could be causing this problem? What's even more confusing is that I can use the "delete from disc" option. Why would I have permission to delete a photo but not merge it to a panorama?


      Thanks so much for your help in advance!