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    Loosing assets when publishing to oam

    jiggy1965 Level 1

      I've made a banner and published it as al oam file. When previewing the ad in the ad agency's previewer I noticed al animation was gone. I investigated the oam file by renaming it as a zip file (which it basically is) and uncompress it so I could see the contents of the package. There I found out that the images folder didn't included most of the files. Only 3 default ones like the poster image. The rest of the asset library files where missing. That caused the graphics and animation not to appear. I saved the Edge project to some other location, where it created fresh folders, opened that edge file again and published another oam file. Now all image files where included and the banner ad was functioning properly.


      My question, in the original file, what could cause publishing an oam file not to included all image asset files? It's like when publishing to oam on that file, the link to all asset files where lost somehow. When I published for web with that same file all files and folders where present. I had to specifically save the file to a new location and start from that fresh folder/file.


      This happened only when publishing as oam. When previewing the file in my browser or publishing as web all worked fine. But when exporting as oam it gets confused about the linked asset files somehow. Anyone know what could have caused this?