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    Too many activations?

    franks65031933 Level 1

      I have used ADE for some 18 months without a problem, suddenly for no reason that I can see, I received the dreaded error meaase annoying so many i.e. E_ACT_TOO MANY ACTIVATIONS.  I foolishly believed that my ADE count would be rest without any problems ...HOW WRONG WAS I!


      After two weeks of trying to convince Adobe that all I need is was a simple rest the problem has not been solved nor does it appear that Adobe chap chappies are interested.


      So far I have had 8 chats (approximately 12 hours of my time) and everyone has resulted in zero action on the part of Adobe.  Indeed one chat operator went as far as saying that Adobe DOES NOT, AT PRESENT, SUPPORT ADE AND MAY START DOING SO IN A FEW MONTHS".


      I guess all I can do is continue pestering Adobe for some action.


      Sadly Kobo recommends this software for their readers - and Kobo is just as useless with providing some explanation on why this problem should suddenly manifest itself.


      Has anyone out there had any luck with Adobe or fixing the problem?